About Us

Say hello to $BRAT, the legendary blue guy that merges the iconic characters of Brett by Matt Furie and Bart Simpson into the world of cryptocurrency. Created as an homage to both pop culture icons, Brat offers a unique investment opportunity for fans and crypto enthusiasts alike. With the fusion of Brett's laid-back attitude and Bart's mischievous charm, Brat aims to disrupt the market with its playful yet resilient nature. Join the Brat community and embark on a journey through the realms of nostalgia and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.

How To Buy

Create a wallet

Download metamask or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to

Get some eth

Have ETH in your wallet to switch to $BERT. If you don’t have any ETH, you can buy directly on metamask, transfer from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

Go to uniswap

Go to Uniswap connect to Uniswap. Go to in google chrome or on the browser inside your Metamask app. Connect your wallet. Paste the $BERT token address into Uniswap, select BERT, and confirm. When Metamask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.

Switch eth for $BERT

Switch ETH for $BERT. We have ZERO taxes so you don’t need to worry about buying with a specific slippage, although you may need to use slippage during times of market volatility.



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Total Supply

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